A 3-Hour Casual Male XL Commercial

How is it possible that Kofi Kingston is the only person in wrestling history to get his “big boy pants” moment, but manage to come out of it worse? … oh, right. Because he’s Kofi Kingston.

Alberto del Rio losing the WHC title may end up being a godsend for him. Like Serial Killer Randy Orton before him, the obsession over getting the belt is more compelling than the obsession over keeping the belt. When you are chasing, cheating or being dastardly is a manifestation of “how bad you want it”, and the crowd reaction comes from how badly they “don’t want you to get it”. When you have the title, cheating or being dastardly to keep the belt is a means to an end, and the crowd ends up just being pissed you get to keep it.


Maybe it’s the ESPN watcher in me, but the result of that poll begs a serious question: is Big E. Langston really THAT over or are The Miz and Dolph Ziggler that lame? If he is, they need to make him the new Daniel Bryan yesterday.

Watch out, Big E., Jerry Lawler’s pretty serious about nailing people. With gimmick infringement lawsuits for pre-finisher strap removal, I mean. Also, NEVER TURN AROUND after Randy Orton has reversed your finisher. You will get RKO’d.