Fantasy Booking: 2017’s Money in the Bank PPV

Let's get our magic pen ready and Fantasy Book what's going to happen tonight in St. Louis at this year's Money in the Bank PPV.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

Naomi © vs. Lana

The Dream: After Lana displays the wrestling acumen of both Jumping Bomb Angels combined, she wins the championship in the first match of the evening then enters the Women’s Money in the Bank match and grabs the briefcase. With no pressing use for the contract the Ravishing Russian trades it to Shane McMahon in exchange for Rusev’s entry into the Men’s Money in the Bank match, which she subsequently helps him win by first incapacitating all of his opponents and then carrying him up the ladder on her shoulders. After a successful cash-in RusLana reign as Supreme Rulers of SmackDown until Judgment Day (which returns as a PPV in between Payback and Backlash after next year’s WrestleMania.)

The Nightmare: Although Lana displays the wrestling acumen of both Sharmell and Jenna Marasco combined — and in spite of all relevant characterization to this point — she is portrayed as a dominant heel even whilst being incapable of generating heat, making herself or anyone else look good and manages to win anyways because Vince McMahon once heard her compared to Sable and made this face:

The Hope: Against all odds, Lana displaying the wrestling acumen of both Bella Twins — on average — and allowing Naomi to do Naomi things (your feats of incredible athleticism and strong selling, et al.) in a way that establishes Lana as someone who may be able to become something if she ever puts it all together and/or Naomi as a performer who work a good match with anyone. Anyone.

The Reality: All things considered, Lana displaying the wrestling acumen of Brie Bella would be enough to make this serviceable considering how gifted a performer she is in terms of her character. Even as a C- in the ring, her A+ character work would make this a feud worth watching especially with Naomi likely going over. Anything better than that is kind of gravy.