Angry Andy’s Top 10 Opponents for a WWE-Bound AJ Styles


1. Seth Rollins

My favorite superstar on the WWE roster. The guy who has been dubbed, not-so-subtly, as the future of the WWE (and, therefore, the wrestling business as a whole.) Seth Rollins, taking on the Phenomenal AJ Styles.

If the thought of this match taking place on Raw… on PPV… on Wrestlemania doesn’t have you marking out, then I’m sorry. This list isn’t for you, and neither is this sport. Consider a new hobby.

This match would be a dream come true. If you, for whatever reason, wanted to keep Rollins away from the WWE title scene upon his eventual return, you’d put him in a great feud with AJ Styles.

It’d be… phenomenal. (Sorry, I’m not sorry.)