Match o’ The (New) Day: Makabe v. Ishii at Wrestle Kingdom 9 (January 4th, 2015)

In the Palace of Wisdom, there’s only thing we love more than wrestling: Hosses wrestling, with seemingly no regard for their well being.

This match is perhaps the pinnacle of the “art form”, with Tomohiro and Togi working the chrome off a bumper in the kind of match that makes Taker-Brock look like Goldberg-Brock. That’s not to say Taker and Brock couldn’t perform a match like this. Just that they’d never be given the opportunity.

As Nick wrote last year in his review of Wrestle Kingdom 9 about exactly why, but as he also made clear, it doesn’t really matter because what you do get to see if about 1000X type of awesome:

And while there are, of course, any number of factors that preclude the WWE from doing things EXACTLY like this — tougher travel schedules, only enough super destructive hosses to go around and a genuine fear of concussions that seems (to put it nicely) to have been lost in translation — this was the first match of the night where I wasn’t just happy to have access to this show, to be able to see every piece of work either of these performers had ever done, but felt a deep rooted desire to tell everyone I knew about these things I had seen. And if that’s not the definition of “Bang For Your Buck”, I don’t know what is.

So, sit back, enjoy and don’t forget to check out Wrestle Kingdom 10, which happened very early this morning. Very early.