In No Condition to Perform: Episode 1 – WCW Uncensored ‘96


After years of wandering, Nick and Andy have returned from the wilderness with a new co-host and podcast series: a (shockingly) in-depth look at the worst PPVs of all time with our friend, company lawyer and resident Ph.D candidate, Daniel Richford to add the perspective a normal, highly intelligent person who hasn’t had his mind warped by years (and years [and years]) of wrestling watching.

And we’re starting off the whole thing off with the worst major PPV of all time: WCW’s Uncensored ’96. A PPV so bad it makes Halloween Havoc ’95 look like Bash at the Beach ’96.

WARNING: Something terrible happens in the 10th minute of the podcast — somewhere in the 10:20-10:50 range, which may make your ears feel not that great. SORRY.

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