NYWC: Angry Andy Reviews “Sideshow”

Jabali Jr. vs. TJ Marconi (w/ Braydon Knight)

Match sees Marconi mostly dominate Jabali, with a LOT of outside interference from Braydon.  Eventually, Braydon’s former tag partner, JT Kasin, has enough and charges the ring.  He hits Marconi with a Lou Thesz press and opens up a can of whoopass until he’s tackled by Braydon.  JT goes to unload on him, too, but Braydon talks him down.  He then reveals that his injured arm is now fine, leading to a sneak attack from Marconi.  Marconi lays Kasin out with a big boot, then chokes him out with a chair. The newly-christened Brother Club stands tall, with Braydon telling Kasin again that the party is over.

Match was alright until the no-contest, but this one was all about the post-match angle.

What I liked:  Heel Braydon is a glorious douchebag.  He and TJ work really well together.  You can’t help but want to see them both get punched in the face.  The post-match angle was great, and got a good reaction from the crowd.  Fans loved the JT Kasin run-in, and booed when the heels took over.  What more could you ask for?

What made me angry: I initially complained that the match was a little longer than I would have preferred, and that Jabali got in too much offense.  But you couldn’t have all the cheating, and use that to draw JT out without it… so I get it.  I just like it when dominant heels DOMINATE. Sorry, Jabali.