NYWC: Angry Andy Reviews “Sideshow”

Chrissy Rivera vs. Sumie Sakai

Sakai was a fun surprise.  The last time I saw her on a show was at a Florida indy event, getting destroyed by Awesome Kong/Kharma. Here, she was a bit more evenly matched.  Sakai wins lean with a fisherman buster.  Crowd was quiet throughout until the finish, when J-Redd came out.  He tells Sumie to get in the kitchen and make his dinner. He eats a few kicks and a German suplex for that, before the girls hug it out and leave.

What I liked: Sumie was a cool surprise, and a pretty good opponent for Chrissy.  She’s the first opponent to make the Queen of Combat Zone look full-sized. Some of the action looked slow, but I can’t think of anything that looked bad.

What made me angry: Sakai was clearly working babyface, and Chrissy is a babyface…so the crowd wasn’t really sure who to cheer for. This was also in a rough spot on the show, having to follow Nese and Papadon.