Nick and Andy Tag Team Wrestling: A Completely Legal Hollywood Blond


The two dumbest people you know are back with the best wrestling podcast in the world. This time, we’re talking to our lawyer friend Dan, who joins us to discuss boat names, commedia dell’arte and trademark/intellectual property law.

As always, we would like to begin by apologizing for some things:

1) We curse in this one. A lot.

2) We audially tortured Kate (Nick’s wonderful, patient girlfriend) several times. Again.

3) You’ll find out our safe word — A certain former German chancellor — that we usually use as a cut point. But instead of cutting, we also mention Mussolini, AIDS babies and, at some point, Spicy Tuna. As always, we apologize everyone who is offended by the use of this and other sushi-related topics. Raw fish isn’t for everyone.

Now that we’ve gotten this week’s apologies out of the way, here it is: Nick and Andy Tag Team Wrestling – A Completely Legal Hollywood Blond