Juice Make Sugar Presents: #TheHisO Top 10 – Heat

Because we’re wrestling journalists, we’ve decided to make a Top 10 Best list. Because we're us, it's definitive. Because it's September, it's about the best kinds of heat.

Instead of dedicating a week to an individual performer, because we’re lazy, we now spend an entire month talking about one specific thing (in addition to our normal previews, reviews and assorted Angry Andy moments). Depending on the month, it can be a specific event (October – Halloween Havoc), a specific month-appropriate theme having seemingly little to do with wrestling (November – Politics), or even a specific abstract concept.  Which is exactly how we’ve started off the series, by looking at the thing that gets butts in seats and eyeballs on screens: Heat. 

And because we’re wrestling journalists, we’ve decided to make a Top 10 Best list. Because we’re us, it’s definitive. 

10. “Go Away Heat” – X-Pac

X-Pac heat

In short: if you love to hate the character, it’s heel; if you just hate the character, it’s the Scrappy; if you hate the performer, it’s X-Pac Heat. – TV Tropes.org

Sean Waltman seems like a fundamentally good guy. A little rough around the edges, sure. But no any worse than, say, Dean Douglas or Tony Schiavone. Why he ended up becoming the go-to example for people we wanted to see well, go away, is a mixture of things. According to TV Tropes, which explains the concept in hilarious detail,  it wasn’t just his push that made him so hated. Nor was it the stable — “X-Factor” — that came from it, the length of it or even the perceived “Kliq”-related reasons behind it. It was that it was partially the fault of fans who chanted “X-Pac sucks” in the first place.

Others examples: Dean Douglas, Tony Schiavone, Roger Goodell