The H is O: Juice Make Sugar and the New Hotness

We know we’ve been out of action — well, all of us except for Andy — for a few months. There’s good (and less good) reasons behind that, some of which you may be seeing soon. What’s important, however, is that we’re back!

While we won’t be bringing the Wrestler of the Week back — between the Great YouTube purge and, of course, not wanting to get in a situation where we have to write 5000 words in one week about Al Snow — we’ve decided to keep our love of #branding going.

Instead of dedicating a week to an individual performer, we’re going to focus each month on one thing. Sometimes it will be a specific event — like the 1996 Bash at the Beach — ¬†or a particular PPV series — like Halloween Havoc. Other times, it may be character archetypes, like the chickenshit heel or the white meat babyface.

But to start off the series, we’ll be looking at the most important aspect of professional wrestling. The thing that gets butts in seats and eyeballs on screens: Heat.

Over several of the next thirty days, in addition to the return of our normal weekly columns and reviews — with some subtle (and not so subtle) additions and subtractions — we’ll be taking a look at what “heat” is, who has had the most, what it means for the business and how it’s generated.

However, since today is Labor Day, we’ll be starting tomorrow.