Is Wrestling ____?

Is Wrestling _______ ?: LeBron James Opts Out

30/06/2014 3

This is a little feature we like to call “Is Wrestling _____?”, where we attempt to make a connection between professional wrestling and something from the world outside of Kayfabe. Today, we’ll look at LeBron James, the best pure heel in professional sports. […]

Andy's Angry

Andy Will Be Angry If…:Money in the Bank Edition

29/06/2014 0

Money in the Bank is finally here. We’ll be crowning a new champion, and a number one contender…but not in that order. This show has an awesome card, that promises a night of great action… but will it make Andy angry? […]

Is Wrestling ____?

Is Wrestling _______ ?: Gilgamesh

23/06/2014 3

With the Great YouTube Purge of 2014 making most of the work we do with Wrestlers of the Week somewhere between “impossible” and “totally and completely impossible”, we’ve decided to officially (quasi) retire the feature. In its place will be something we are calling Is Wrestling _____?, where we will attempt to make a connection between professional wrestling and something from the world outside of Kayfabe. We will try to post at least one thing per day, though we obviously can’t promise anything because we’re not so secretly the worst. And to start everything off, we’ll look at where it all — meaning, all of literature as we currently understand it — with the Epic of Gilgamesh. […]

Professional Wrestling

Straight Shoot’s Aubrey Sitterson Interviews Jeff Hardy’s brother, Matt Hardy

20/06/2014 2

We have friends out there in the world of #InternetWrestlingWriting, and Aubrey Sitterson is one of them. He hosts Straight Shoot and is a former writer for WWE.com, and he’s been nice enough to work with Nick on  a piece that he’s doing for Deadspin. And, more important than all of this, he’s interviewed Matt Hardy for your viewing pleasure. So, check it out, and be sure to subscribe to Straight Shoot even if just for the off chance that one of us ever appears on it. […]

monsoon_fires_heenan_020812 (1)
Difference of Opinion

#HeenanWeek: Difference of Opinion

08/06/2014 1

It’s #HeenanWeek, a celebration of all things Fair to Flair (and any other member of the Family) and the 30th installment of our (patent-pending) Juice Make Sugar Wrestler of the Week series. As always, we finish everything off with a Difference of Opinion, where JMS HQ erupts in a Weasel-suit fueled civil war. […]

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