This Week in Big E: Hangliders and Windsprints

Big E might be, no is, the funniest man in the WWE. The only problem is he rarely gets showcase his irreverent humor on Raw or Smackdown, as it's relegated to his (and WWE's) many social media platforms. Each week Juice Make Sugar's obsessive attention to detail will try and bring you the best of Big E outside the ring - because somebody needs get him over.

If there ever was a perfect week to debut this weekly column, this is it. Our main man Big E was nothing more than a prop in the dissolving Real Americans storyline on Raw, and dammit that’s not good enough for a man of his immense stature. Sure, he technically won his two matches, but didn’t get to make any sort of statement in the ring.

Thank goodness for his hall-of-fame Instagram account, which features incredible 15 second vignettes of Big E doing Big E things. This week, watch as he relives his Intercontinental Title win over human stain Curtis Axel from back in October, with a new director’s cut ending:

WWE recently started a partnership with Kaboom, a non-profit dedicated to helping kids by providing new playgrounds. Participating children are encouraged to draw their fantasy playground, and well, below is participating man-child Big E.’s ridiculous contribution:

Even when he’s contractually obligated to promote other WWE ventures, he still finds a way to give us some personality:

Classic Big E.

Just because this is supposed to be about Big E.’s present and future greatness doesn’t mean we can’t show you why we wanted to create a weekly celEbration of him with some classic footage of the Master of the Five Count. Fast-forward to the 1:50 mark for some deadpan Big E poking fun at sweaty and breathy backstage interviews: