Nick and Andy Tag Team Wrestling (A Podcast): Episode 4 – Andy Shows a Little Hart

Tag team, back again. This time to talk about heels, faces, NXT ArRival and Bret Hart. Not quite excellently executed, but close enough.

We’re back this week with our fourth OFFICIAL episode. As always, if you missed our last episode, check it out right here and we would like to begin by apologizing for something:

1) Our ten-minute end of show segment is no more. Still, this episode is an almost egregious 1-hour, 7-minute run time. We never actually got our “Final 10″ segment to be ten minutes. This is less an apology than a statement of fact, and something you’ll have to learn to deal with.

Also, the show is available on iTunes!

Now that we’ve gotten this week’s apologies (and plugs) out of the way, here’s it is, Nick and Andy Tag Team Wrestling: Episode 4 – Andy Shows a Little Hart

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