Nick and Andy Tag Team Wrestling (A Podcast): Episode 2 – Going Into Business For Ourselves

This week, Andy actually gets Angry, Nick gets excited about Sheamus and they both share in the unadulterated joy that is Todd Pettengill jokes.

We’re back this week with our second OFFICIAL episode, after snow-and-stupidity-related issues prevented us from recording episodes each of the past two weeks. (If you missed our last episode, check it out right here) and would like to begin by apologizing for something:

1) Our ten-minute end of show segment went 25 minutes, bringing this episode to a solid 1-hour, 5-minute run time. We will probably never actually get our “Final 10″ segment to be ten minutes, but we are going to try to if it’s the last thing we ever do. This is less an apology than a statement of fact, and something you’ll have to learn to deal with.

Also, the show is available on iTunes!

Now that we’ve gotten this week’s apologies (and plugs) out of the way, here’s it is, Nick and Andy Tag Team Wrestling: Episode 2 – Going Into Business For Ourselves.

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