#LexLugerWeek: Angry Andy’s Indy Spotlight – Anthony Nese

It’s Day Four of #LexLugerWeek, the eighteenth installment of our (patent-pending) Juice Make Sugar Wrestler of the Week series. This week, we are starting a new recurring feature, where our Andy will spotlight a wrestler on the independent scene with some sort of connection to this week’s entry. This time, it’s Anthony Nese, who is almost exactly like Lex Luger. Except with, you know, actual talent. 

In case you missed 13 years of wrestling, and all of our #LexLugerWeek coverage, I’m here to tell you something you should have probably already known: Leg Luger sucked.

He had the look, the push and at certain points, he even had the fans.  But he never had the talent.

Lex Luger is that GIANT present under the Christmas tree.  It’s got the prettiest wrapping paper, the best graphics and artwork on the packaging, and when you open it up, it’s fun for a little while.  But then you realize this toy has awkward controls, makes loud, uninteresting noises and really isn’t all that fun to play with in the first place.

Guys like Lex are a dime a dozen.  Guys like him – but with talent – are not.

Enter Anthony Nese.

I saw Nese’s first match years ago in Deer Park, New York, at the Deer Park Community Center.  He had six-pack abs and incredible athleticism, pulling off moves that would have fit right in with a then-budding X-Division.

Fast forward a few years, and Nese is still super-athletic, but with a body seemingly carved from stone, with incredible talent and unmatched potential.

He’s like an athletic Luger, with way more talent than Luger could ever dream of having.

Nese gets a lot of work in the northeast.  NYWC is home, both the place he learned to wrestle, and the place he is now teaching a future generation of pro wrestlers.

anthony-nese-05But not everyone lives on Long Island (Editor’s Note: seriously, though, what are you waiting for?). So, I’m sure many wonder if they’ve been able to check Nese out for themselves.  Well, you’re in luck! The “Premier Athlete” was briefly featured by the world’s biggest televised indy company, TNA:

He’s now tearing it up in Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, Full Impact Pro… and his resume is only growing.  Kinda like his physique.

If there’s anything that’s kept Nese out of WWE for the time being, it’s his mic work.  He has an indisputably soft voice which that doesn’t match his physique or athletic arsenal whatsoever. Like a less sad Bobby Lashley. This can be worked on, but it’s probably going to keep him out of the limelight. Then again, no one ever said Bryan Danielson was a microphone master, and he’s the hottest star in pro wrestling.

Don’t sleep on Tony Nese.  His future is the biggest open secret on the indies right now.  It won’t stay that way for long.  When he does get his chance to shine in the spotlight, the first thing you’re going to notice is his look.  It’s unavoidable.  But unlike Lex Luger and a million meat heads just like him, Nese has more to offer, and in theory, is much more valuable as a result.