#TheShieldWeek: GIF Parade – Seth Rollins

We’re going to do something different with #TheShieldWeek and give each member their own day. Today is Seth Rollins’ — we covered him earlier today with Andy’s Watch and Learn —  with Roman and Dean coming after him to finish out the week. And because GIF parades are supposed to celebrations of the performers, and no performers are more celebrated that the members of The Shield in the wonderful parts of the internet where GIFs are grow, we’ve decided to simply find as many GIFs as we could find and present them without comment. Enjoy:

From WrestlingWithText: 

crossrhodesownpersonaljesus crossrhodes MMMdrop superdangerousplex DisappearingAct sellathon goldog kneedrop

and WrestlingGiffer:

facekick reverseatomicdrop facepunch Powerbomb chair ohshit